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United Studios offers a plethora of services: from video productions on a smaller scale to interactive virtual studio solutions for company- television. Make your own videos and compete with the corporates, at a reduced cost with the help of our technological approach in combination with our specially designed hardware.

Our services extend beyond video productions. Our backend programming will enable you to use your own film productions for marketing projects, market research and sales strategies.

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Design your personally televised world.


our video technologies

  • Keep up with the corporates and take control of your own video productions

    More and more companies are turning to video marketing in order to enhance their websites or for presentation purposes, most commonly via social media sites. This can often be extremely expensive, whilst the quality may suffer. United Studio technologies enables small and medium-sized companies to produce videos in HD-quality at a very low cost, allowing them to keep up with the corporates.

  • Affordable equipment – astonishing results

    We produce our videos by using a standard DSLR – Camera (Canon 5D Mark III) with the benefit of professional audio, lighting and film – cutting equipment.

  • One - off production – multiple usage

    Videos produced by United Studio technologies can also be viewed on mobile devices. Our HD-quality videos tend to be compact in data size and allow for uninterrupted mobile streaming without lengthy uploads – viewable on multiple browsers and on most platforms without any prior technical adjustments.

  • Make use of our technologies and take centre-stage

    United Studio videos are saved on a specially created streaming server. Your media player can be customised to suit your company design, including any logos or brand designs and giving you the possibility to add and edit text blocks etc. Design it yourself and make it your own. Share the United Studios server video links on all social media networks (e.g. facebook, Whatsapp, company blogs etc.). You can also upload your videos to youtube.

Produce your own HD-quality videos fit for the cinema.

The United Studios Academy

Make use of our expertise – we’ll teach you everything you need to know

  • Create your own customised TV Format

    Make use of our affordable virtual TV-studio. The Studio background can be adapted to match your corporate identity (CI) and design. We will help you produce product presentations, messages to employees, invitations to events and more. We’ll teach you how to use our template-based, high-speed production technology for both one-off productions and multiple productions, which we adapt to your needs and ideas. In doing so we can guarantee studio productions that take up little of your time, including any follow-up editing or changes. Filming can take place at any of your preferred locations and incorporate any desired backdrop; we at Union Studios adapt entirely to your wishes.

  • Remain in control

    Make use of our United Studios integrated marketing, market research and sales instruments: send video links via e-mail. Track viewing frequency with every sent mail. Hold a vote or conduct a survey by adding any additional document pop-ups to your video stream. They appear on screen straight after the video stream, immediately accessible without having to follow any further links.

  • Produce your own low cost videos

    United Studios offers your company access to cutting-edge technologies and expert knowledge. You will receive an all-entailing hardware package (i.e. all the audio, lighting, film editing equipment, a camera and a virtual studio). The United Studio Academy provides you with the necessary training and keeps you up-to-date with any additional training modules, after which the actual video or studio production is in fact extremely straight- forward.

United Studios grants smaller companies and medium-size businesses access to the top-end of the video producing market.

What sets us apart?

United Studio values

We offer services within the video producing industry (image caption films, virtual studio productions, television material for exhibition fairs, product advertising videos etc.), as well as providing hardware and expertise to company clients and franchise partners. Our United Studios technologies help support the academy members to produce their own videos.

Our standards and values:

  1. A business approach: we set ourselves apart by being particularly business-oriented. We make it our priority to help you make your company goals a reality and by jointly developing new channels for communication and adhering strategies.
  2. Creativity: To see things in a different light and to ‘think outside of the box’ is part of United Studios guiding principles. We work creatively and passionately, investing our all into our video productions and won’t stop until the result satisfies our clients and we are personally convinced.
  3. Determination: If there is one principle that we hold particularly dear, it is our conviction never to give up. We are always determined to achieve the best possible result with and for our clients.

We are determined to achieve the best possible results in a cooperative partnership with our clients.

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