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solutions that really make a difference

  • Integrated Online-Shop

    E-retail platform with automatic data synchronisation and updates

  • Intuitive working platform

    company software solution making company L&D programs more user-friendly and reducing end-user mistakes

  • Context–sensitive menu

    optimised procedures via menu-controlled, anticipated user behaviour: the so-called ribbon menu adapts to the end- users selected project, opening up related fields, accessible within a single click

Making company L&D programs more user-friendly and reducing end-user mistakes.

DiSellCo is the ideal solution

to help manage your company

  • Automatic data validation

    Makes sure mistakes are avoided via automatic data validation (addresses, bank details, ID’s etc.)

  • Central data management

    centralised data platform which gathers a wide range of different contacts in one space e.g. customers, buyers, sellers, distributors etc.

  • No more duplicate entries

    inbuilt checking function which avoids duplicate entries as well as the option to reuse and edit already saved data in all areas

DiSellCo is the ideal solution to help manage your company.

DiSellCo helps you

reduce staff cost

  • Individual Pricing Structure

    Individual pricing, special offers, and commission structuring; driven by quantity, groups, people or timeframe dependencies

  • Strong bespoke solutions

    Change and up scalability of almost all base settings and rules (titles, payment method, delivery modus, currencies etc.)

  • Intelligent Invoice Management

    order, administration or process dependent invoice management; Email auto-billing distribution by PDF

  • Decentralised Warehousing

    the possibility to use decentralised storage with automatic invoice printing

  • Taylored to your individual requirements

    real time flexibility, specific alterations i.e. to fit all types of external systems

  • And much more

    order entry, online shop, evaluation (BIS: Best in Slot??), finance & accounting software

DiSellCo reduces staff cost financial pressure.

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